Westside Edible Forest Demonstration Garden

Location: 1. The community garden is located beside the Westside running track and playing fields nearest the Letteragh Rd.

2. Canal Commons Food Project- Gardens planted all along the canal in Galway City. 
Days & times:
Contact details: Martina Finn 087-2201972
Supported by: Galway City Partnership, Galway City Council, Galway Healthy Cities, HSE West, GRETB

Westside Forest Garden Demo

The Edible Forest Garden is an exciting new project for the Westside consisting of the community planting of native trees, with a variety of soft fruit, fruits trees and edible shrubs, alongside many perennial and annual edibles and medicinal herbs. The aim is to raise awareness of issues around Community Agroforestry, Permaculture, Food Sovernigty  and provide free organic food for use by the local community. We wish to demonstrate in this project how much more possible it is to feed ourselves locally, switching to a plant based diet and highlight the huge potential of agroecology to fix broken food systems, restore and repair damaged landscapes.
Everyone is invited and welcome to take part...  there will be ongoing community talks and events throughout the year. 


We aim to build on partnerships in Galway between arts, culture, food and the environment through liaising with statutory, community, youth and voluntary groups, educational institutions and NGOs. We advocate for the development and support of innovative cultural and community food initiatives that support right livelihoods, seek improvements in our food systems, that restores and nurtures the earth and demonstrates equitable access to quality local organic food.
Our project aims to highlight and champion  a number of goals for achieving a healthy food system:
1. Healthy Food For All
2. Grow Local
3. Strengthen the Local Economy
4. Prevent Food Waste
5. Education 

Canal Commons Food Project

The beds along the canal were planted up with a view to creating miniature forest gardens. Fruit trees were planted in each of the spaces with …. 7 plant guild companion principles fundamentals were applied here

1. Food
2. Food for the soil
3. Diggers and minors
4. Climbers
5. Ground cover
6. Supporters -
7. Protector - Strong smelling - spices etc

The Nature of Our Reality

A series of weekly canal walks and talks with Third Space project members and invited guests exploring commoning and the canals community of beings. Inviting deep listening and knowing of place our aim is to create a shared understanding of the canal as an ecosystem of interbeing amongst all realms, animal, plant, water, bird, bee, human and others.

These guided walks aims to enhance well-being through sensory connection in nature. You will be guided through grounding, relaxing & centering exercises in deep listening and relationship with the natural environment.

Across perspectives, these walks are an invitation to enhance participant’s perception of both sound, scenes and silence, offering a unique ‘ecocentrism’ and transdisciplinary approach for engagement of both land, sound and edible-scapes, people and place as part of a nurturing, nourishing and self sustaining ecosystem.

Walks will take place every Thursday at 6pm, meeting at Gourmet Tarts on Wholf Tone Bridge

Week 1. July 13th ‘Permaculture’ with Hannah Mole
Week 2. July ‘Experiential Ecology’ Joe Quilty
Week 3. July ‘Like Water’ Easkey Britton
Week 4. August ‘Dance Companions’ Bernadette Divilly
Week 5. August ‘Mindful Ways’ Finbar
Week 6. August ‘Health and Herbs’ Dilis Clare
Week 7. August Heritage Week Conservation VG Padraig
Week 8. September Tidy Towns - Neil / Mary 


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